Chain Link Fences

Installing Chain Link Fences on Your Property

Chain link fences are a great way to instill a sense of security on your property. Not only are they easy to install, but they are easy to maintain as well. Made of galvanized steel, sometimes these types of fences are referred to as wire-mesh or wire-netting, due to the woven zig-zag design of the steel. The linked wires form a distinct diamond pattern. The roll of chain link fencing is usually connected with rods and hooked into place with wires, making this type of fencing easy to remove.

Benefits of Chain Link Fences


Due to their make-up of galvanized steel, chain link fences are thought to be as durable as iron fences. They are even thought to be stronger than wood fences.


Chain link fences are less expensive than other types of fencing. Unlike wood, there is no need for seal treatments or staining. Because they are available in bulk rolls, they are much more easily obtained.


Although chain link fences are easy to install, it is still a good idea to have a professional installation. The metal posts that support the fencing still require exact placement and cement to ground them. The experienced team at Wood Wonders Fence is especially good at making sure the chain link fencing fits perfectly along the terrain of your property.


Where wood fences and even iron fences require regular maintenance, chain link fences have very low-to-none maintenance requirements.


Even though chain link fences don’t provide as much privacy as a wood fence might, they are still great for securing your property and keeping your pets or children within the yard. Any fence is a good deterrent for any would-be trespassers.

Chain link fences are the ideal inexpensive choice to maintain your property boundaries. They are also useful as temporary fencing for construction sites, vacant lots, or until a more permanent or stylish fence can be constructed. Contact us today to find out which fence type is right for you!

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