Fence Staining

Why Should You Stain Your Fence?

Being constantly exposed to heat, wind and moisture, your wooden fence deserves all the protection it needs to retain its durability and natural beauty. After power washing and sealing your wooden fence, fence staining is highly recommended. When left bare and unstained, your wood will gradually rot and turn grey.

Choosing the Right Wood Stain

There are four basic wood stain options:

  • The clear wood stain contains transparent iron oxide pigments (trans-oxides) that provide effective sun block while still preserving the naturally aesthetic color of the grain. With a warm hue, it is peel-proof and has no undesirable film left on the surface. Annual recoating is recommended for this type of stain.
  • The semi-transparent wood stain provides adequate pigmentation to add a little color without obscuring the grain. It is also peel-proof and film-free. Recoating should be done every two to three years.
  • The semi-solid stain provides partial obscurity to the grain. Also peel-proof and film-free, it should be recoated every two to four years.
  • The solid color stain is somewhat similar to flat paint. It covers the wood’s grain but saves the texture. Without proper application, a film will be formed and left. Every five to seven years is the recommended recoating.

The Perfect Time to Stain

If your wooden fence is newly built, staining should be done three weeks after. This gives the wood ample time to adjust to its new setting and open its pores for better absorption of the wood stain. Check the weather forecast, making sure it will not rain for the next 24-hours. Staining on a cloudy day is the best time.

Preparations Before Staining

Make sure to have your wooden fence thoroughly power washed, sealed and dried. Power washing with diluted bleach kills molds and mildew, while sealing keeps the wood protected from regrowth of microorganisms and moisture that lead to decay and discoloration. After cleaning and sealing, wait a day or two to allow the wood to completely dry before staining. Any fence staining professional like Wood Wonders Fence will do the same before they begin the project.

Don’t forget to secure surrounding plants and vegetation with plastic wrap and old sheets to save them from staining drips.

Professional Application of Wood Stain

To be sure that your fence staining is done properly, always call a professional. They will use the proper tools to give your fence an even and uniform look, from top to bottom. Call Wood Wonders Fence today to determine the right stain for your fence!


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