Automatic Gates

Automatic Drive Gates

Automatic drive gates are a convenient way to make your property secure and safe. These gates can be make of many different materials with electronic or solar powered mechanics. Depending upon the size of your driveway and property, there are swing gates and slide gates available. The professionals at Wood Wonders Fence will be able to help you choose the right automatic drive gate for your needs.

Gate Material

Most drive gates are made from materials that compliment the existing fence for the property, whether it be cedar, steel, or aluminum.


A cedar gate can be stained to match your existing fence and can last years if properly maintained. It also adds a bit of rustic character to a home. This type of gate is a great choice for a swing gate.


One of the strongest materials, steel gates provide the most security for properties. As it requires little to no maintenance, it can last hundreds of years. To keep from corroding though, it may need to be galvanized or painted to protect from harsh weather conditions.


The lightest gate material, aluminum is also inexpensive and does not succomb to corrosion. Because of its versatility, it can be manufactured in various designs. This type of gate is a great choice if you are using an electronic gate opener.

Fence Gate Function

The two main types of automatice drive gates are swing gates and slide gates. Just like how they sound, they either swing out or slide in from the side.

Swing Gates

Swing gates are the best option when thinking of your budget. They are easier to mount and install, and have a fairly simple operating system. These are a popular choice among homeowners as they tend to be more quiet too. Depending on what size you are looking for, swing gates can be used as single or double gates, and are even a great choice for neighborhood entrances.

Slide Gates

If space is an issue, then a slide gate may be the right choice for you. These slide in from the side so they do not require as much space as a swing gate. Usually made from steel or aluminum, slide gates are a great aesthetic match to more modern architectures.

Electronic or Solar powered gate openers

The main consideration when choosing between electronic and solar powered gate openers is which power option is readily available on your property. Electronic gate openers may require underground wiring which can get costly if not already present, whereas solar powered gate openers may not be the right choice if your property is heavily treed. During extreme weather events, you may have to open your gate manually with power loss to electronic gate openers, or your solar panels could be damaged by hail stones. Either option is a good choice for any homeowner, it just depends on which pros outweigh the cons.

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