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Wood Wonders Fence, with over 13+ years of experience, has been serving residential as well as commercial areas with all its dedication. We believe in building premium quality fences for affordable prices that are both attractive and durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions. We offer different fencing options, but if you like a different design, we can customize it for you. You can trust us confidently, backed by our five-star ratings and happy customer reviews on our website.

Feel free to check out our website to explore various fence options, and let us know what you need to enhance the beauty of your property!

Our Services in Richardson, TX

Cedar Fences

Wood Wonders Fence offers standard configuration options, including picket heights of 6 feet and 8 feet, made with cedar and treated pine. We offer two different layouts: vertical and horizontal. Additionally, we provide different patterns, including board-on-board, side-by-side, and spaced, as well as fence posts such as metal and pressure-treated. You can also choose from corbels and decorative trim to give an even more appealing look to your fencing.

Wrought Iron Fences

For homeowners who are in search of strong and malleable fences, wrought iron fences are the best option. These fences are manufactured with premium quality material, i.e., galvanized steel and aluminum. We offer three style options (framed, flat, and pointed) with panel heights ranging from 3 feet to 6 feet and panel widths of 6 feet and 8 feet.

Chain Link Fences

Need fences that are both easy to install and easy to maintain? Go for chain link fences. Our Richardson Fence Company in TX, offers fences made with galvanized steel, also called wire-mesh or wire-netting, because of the woven zig-zag design of the steel. Whether you want to keep them forever or want them on a temporary basis, our expert team will assist you in either way.

Fence Staining

Wood Wonders Fence offers four fence staining options: the clear wood stain, the semi-transparent wood stain, the semi-solid stain, and the solid color stain. The stain forms a shield against UV rays, improves the wood’s natural luster, and conceals flaws and imperfections. Also, our services for staining fences help safeguard your wood from damage, resist water, and deter rot and distortion.

Automatic Gates

We also offer swing and slide gate options that will help you take care of privacy, security, and safety. Our company only utilizes premium quality materials such as cedar, steel, and aluminum in the manufacturing process to ensure long-lasting durability.

Decks & Pergolas

Our decks and pergolas services can convert your boring backyard into the perfect outdoor environment. Before we begin working with you, we will assess your space, estimate the time required to complete the project, and determine the best style of shade for your needs.

Why Choose Us?

10 years of Warranty Assurance

Investing in our fence installation services will be a great deal for you. If in case replacement or repair is required, we will solve your issue at our own cost.  Also, we provide a 10-year warranty assurance on each product.   

Quality Partnerships

Wood Wonders Fence has established partnerships with top leaders such as The American Fence Association, Smitty’s Wood Stain, Master Halco, Life Master, Binford, Centaur Fencing System, Wonder Brothers, DKS Doorking, Trex, Deck, and Rail Institute. Our collaborations with these esteemed partners guarantee high-quality solutions for your gate, fencing, staining, and deck requirements.

Free Quotes & Budget Focus

Richardson Fence Company provides you with a free quote form to easily plan your projects. Simply fill in all your personal and fencing details in the form. Our experienced team will contact you within one day with appealing options that fit your budget.

Quality-Orientated Work

We have been proudly serving the city of Richardson, TX, for the past 13 years. By visiting our website, you can view testimonials and reviews from our satisfied clients, reflecting our dedication to our work and services.

City of Richardson Fence Regulations

Here are some rules given by the government of Richardson, TX, for installing fences. Let’s check out what are these regulations:

  • The maximum height of the fences in the city of Richardson should be up to 8 feet high from the rear property line to the front wall of the house. 
  • Fences can only be up to 3 feet high from the house’s front wall to the front property line.
  • Approval is required from the building official to install the fences.
  • Front yard fences must be decorative and should not create traffic hazards.

Wood Wonders Fence in Richardson, TX, is a reliable and trustworthy platform for installing fences on your property. If you want to enhance the look and aesthetics of your space, feel free to explore our website and contact us at 972-349-1444 for any queries!

Financing Available! Contact Us at 972-349-1444 for More Info!

Financing Available!
Contact Us at 972-349-1444 for More Info!

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