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Serving the City of Allen for over 13 years, we at Wood Wonders Fence are your trusted partner for high-quality fencing solutions that comply with the city’s regulations. Whether you need to install a classic picket fence in your front yard or a secure privacy fence around your backyard, Wood Wonders Fence can bring your vision to life. Our team strives to provide the desired designs to not only protect your property but also enhance its aesthetic value. Look at our Allen fence company’s services offered in your area, and let us install sturdy, low-maintenance fences that last for years! 

Our Fence Services in Allen, TX

Cedar Fences

We offer various configurations, materials, and patterns by combining cedar and steel posts. These include picket heights of 6 and 8 feet, fence posts that are either metal or pressure-treated, and patterns that are board-on-board, side-by-side, or spaced. A 10-year warranty covers our cedar fencing, and we also offer financing options for our projects.

Wrought Iron Fences

Our customizable wrought iron fencing solutions are for both residential and commercial properties. With standard panel heights ranging from 3 to 6 feet and widths of 6 and 8 feet, customers can choose from three styles: framed, flat, and pointed. 

Chain Link Fences

Made of galvanized steel, our durable chain link fences are cost-effective and provide reliable boundary demarcation. Our professional team ensures precise installation, making them suitable for permanent and temporary fencing needs. 

Fence Staining

We also offer fence staining service to protect your fence against wear and tear, including water damage and sun exposure, enhancing wood appearance while requiring less maintenance. We recommend different wood stain options and suggest staining a new fence after three weeks. When you choose our professionals for fence staining, you are investing in longevity and perfection. 

Automatic Gates

Trust your local Allen fence company for highly functional and durable automatic gate installation, providing secure and convenient access for properties. We have a variety of gate materials, including cedar, steel, and aluminum, each with unique characteristics and benefits. The installation encompasses swing and slide gates, catering to different space and aesthetic requirements. 

Decks & Pergolas

Opt for our decks and pergolas service to transform your ordinary backyard into inviting outdoor spaces for socializing and relaxation. We emphasize the importance of selecting the right design that suits your property, consider time constraints, and explore the option of installing shades like pergolas for comfort and aesthetics.

Why Choose Us?

Now that you know our services in your city, let us inform you about what makes Wood Wonders Fence a company worth hiring. These are the grounds behind our credibility:-

Quality Partnerships for Superior Solutions

To guarantee the use of long-lasting and cutting-edge products for your fence, gate, deck, and staining requirements, we have partnered with prominent names in the industry, such as the American Fence Association, Smitty’s Wood Stain, Master Halco, Life Master, Binford, Centaur Fencing System, Wonder Brothers, DKS Doorking, Trex, and Deck and Rail Institute. 

10-Year Transferable Warranty

Your investment will be safeguarded for the long term by our 10-year warranty plan, which promises the quality of our labor and materials. The warranty may be transferred to a new owner within five years of completion.

Free Quotes & Budget Focus

We have provided a free quote form to let you know the estimated cost in a simple way. You just need to fill out the required information (personal and fence-related), and our experts will get back to you within 24 hours. We always offer prices that meet your budget requirements. 

Screened and Home Advisor Approved

Our commitment to professionalism and the happiness of our clients is reflected in the fact that we have received the Home Advisor certificate of approval.

City of Allen Fence Regulations

To preserve aesthetics, property values, and safety, the City of Allen has enacted stringent regulations concerning fences. Residents who wish to install or modify fences must have a thorough understanding of these guidelines:-

  • A maximum height of 8 feet is permitted for fences in the backyard and side yards. This measurement considers the slope of the ground where the fence is constructed.
  • Acceptable fencing materials include brick, wood, and wrought iron. Every fence has to have metal posts, tops, and hardware. The Building Official will have to authorize any additional materials. Posts have to be laid in concrete 18 inches deep.
  • It is prohibited to construct any structure, including a fence, screen, wall, or other visual obstruction, that would block the line of sight of motor vehicle drivers approaching an alley intersection. A clear line of visibility must be maintained at all alley-street intersections for a distance of 20 feet from the projected curb line corner along the alley-street intersection backward. 
  • At no point, fences may exceed property lines; they must be situated entirely on private property.
  • Enclosing walls or fences around a pool or hot tub must be at least 4 feet tall and equipped with self-latching and self-closing gates. The fastening mechanism must be positioned at least 4½ feet from the ground on the poolside.
  • You should get approval from your homeowners association (if any) before constructing a fence. Their fence design, materials, and height requirements may be more stringent than the city’s.

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Financing Available! Contact Us at 972-349-1444 for More Info!

Financing Available!
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